I am an actor/writer/standup originally from Roanoke, Virginia. I’m married to a pretty awesome lady and we have an amazing little boy! We have 2 dogs that are aggressively lazy. I don’t wanna brag… but, uh… I can do a split. I have a background in software engineering and a degree from Virginia Tech. Go Hokies! My father is a Lebanese small business owner and my mother is a retired homicide detective from West Virginia which explains my love for hummus and fighting crime. I can last be seen Hank the Plumber on Fuller House , recurring on Hollywood Heights (Nickelodeon), as Jimmy in eCupid and a host of national commercials. You can currently see me on Lionsgate’s Fearnet On Demand channel with a lead in the horror film, Lullaby.

I’m not a fan of referring to myself in the third person. I love my life and I love my wife. Clearly I’m great with rhyming. I also love the outdoors (fishing, hiking, etc…), the gym, way too many tv shows to count, fun with friends, great music, and cookouts. I fear sharks and earthquakes. If an earthquake shook a great white out of the ocean and into my yard, I would be terrified.

Morgan Fairchild is right on as a seen-it-all waitress, and best of all is Chris Rubeiz as a handsome guy with a bit of chunk on him whom regularly faces rejection. Rubeiz is not only great looking, he (along with Schuffman) gives the movie some moments of real poignancy and emotion, and even grace. Caliciano would be smart to build his next project around him ASAP.
– review of eCupid